Who we are

Through customization of our services, we hope to help you rebalance your physical, mental, and social health. There are no set procedures for our work. The caretakers at VITAAL VOORUIT emphasize the need of getting enough exercise and maintaining social connections because a healthy lifestyle can help in a variety of ways to solve physical and social challenges. Also, we take medical privacy very seriously. Trust and honesty are something we cherish highly.
VITAAL VOORUIT is characterized by moderate access to health information, meetings and connections between people, and collaboration with healthcare professionals from various educational backgrounds. We all share a commitment to the wellbeing of all people. Support might take the form of conducting talks based on respect and equality, analyzing the health issue (the energy gap) through research, and providing insight into it. After that, we can begin to treat you appropriately.
In addition to the aforementioned, VITAAL VOORUIT’s aim is to inform people on how to improve their health. Through meetings, workshops, lectures, a monthly newsletter, and connections with one another, we provide education and information.
The foundation for people to reclaim control over their own health and wellbeing is formed by these factors taken together.

Through this, we move the world VITAAL VOORUIT!

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